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Tips For Purchasing The Best Home Security Screen Doors

by Thea Lee

There are various ways to improve security around the residential premises. The installation of a security screen door is one of the best ways to do this.

A good quality security screen door is bound to be costly. Thus, homeowners looking to invest in one such door need to ensure that they get maximum value for their well-spent money. Below are a few things that every homeowner should remember when looking to purchase the best home security screen doors.

Associations And Standards

Before a homeowner begins to examine the various features of their preferred security screen door, he or she should check that the door has been fabricated in compliance with the quality standards spelt out in the Australian Standard AS5039-2008. Also, there are standards to be met during the installation of residential security screen doors. These are spelt out in the Australian Standard AS5040.

There are a number of professional associations whose responsibility is to ensure that security screen doors are indeed secure. The Australian Security Industry Association Limited and the National Security Screen Association are perhaps the most relevant of these professional associations.

It is important for a homeowner to check that the manufacturer of their preferred security screen door is a member of either of the two associations. This is perhaps the easiest way to guarantee that the preferred door is fabricated in compliance with AS5039-2008 and that its installation will be done with the AS5040 in mind.


The installation of security screen doors can be done in two ways. The first of these is referred to as flush mounting, while the second is known as frame-mounting. The difference between the two is that frame-mounted security screen doors will be installed onto an independent frame while their flush-mounted counterparts are installed in the absence of this frame.

Because flush-mounted doors don't come with a mounting frame, they're often cheaper than their frame-mounted counterparts. However, flush-mounted doors offer a lower degree of residential security by virtue of lacking a frame. A burglar trying to gain forceful access through a frame-mounted door will have a more difficult time because he or she would first need to get past the frame material on the door.

The Finish

Security screen doors can have a painted finish or they can have one that is powder coated.

An environmentally-conscious homeowner should choose a powder-coated finish for their security screen door. Unlike paint, powder coats are known not to contain pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).