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Security Features For Your Home That Don't Require Fancy Computer Equipment

by Thea Lee

Many of today's home security features are driven by technology; this can include locks that you control remotely through an app on your smartphone, as well as security cameras that are triggered when someone comes onto your property. However, what if you're not very computer savvy or don't want to invest in all that technology? There are other ways of adding security to your home, even without owning a computer in the first place. Note some of those here so you can discuss these with a home security expert or just add them to your home yourself to increase safety.

Security window film

Adding security film to your windows can make them more resistant to shattering if someone were to try to break them with a rock or baseball bat. This can be a good idea for first floor windows in particular, which are often very vulnerable to intruders. You might also add this film to garage windows so that thieves are less likely to break into your garage and strip your car or steal sporting goods, lawn care equipment and the like.

Security window screens

The right security window screens can offer a layer of protection in front of your windows. These screens are typically made with a thicker aluminum than standard screens, with a smaller mesh that cannot easily be cut with snips. They may also have heavy-duty deadbolt locks rather than flimsy latches that can easily be forced open.

Garage deadbolt

If your garage door is made of a flimsy aluminum, it might be easy to bend this out of shape and away from the track in order to gain entry into the garage. A deadbolt inside the garage door can keep it in place and make it harder to pry it open.

Sliding security doors

Sliding security doors function just like regular sliding doors, but they have much stronger locking systems. Some might come with a deadbolt similar to storm doors, while others incorporate triple locking systems, meaning the door is locked at the top, centre and bottom with the turn of a single key. Their material is also thicker and stronger than lightweight aluminum, and the hinges may be hidden so they cannot be pried open. Smaller mesh on the screens also cannot be cut with a bolt cutter and can make it more difficult for potential intruders to see inside your house in order to scope out potential security vulnerabilities.