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Home Security: Three Crucial Features for Your New Burglar Alarm

by Thea Lee

If you are planning on improving your residential security, you should consider installing a new burglar alarm. This product is designed to prevent and minimise the risk of unauthorised intrusion by burglars, robbers and other unscrupulous people. In simple terms, the alarm is a beneficial module which will augment the security provided by your doors, windows, and locks. There are numerous brands and types of burglar alarm systems in the market, and the level of security provided is not equal. Therefore, you should carefully consider the features included in the product before purchase. Here are the most beneficial security features to look for in your new burglar alarm.

Multiple Sensors

Sensors are critical in detecting intrusion in your home and triggering the security system. You must ensure that all possible points and methods of access are covered by sensors if you want your burglar alarm to be highly effective. The most common routes of access are the windows and doors. You should ensure that these are covered by reed switches which identify opening of doors and windows. In some cases, the intruder might seek to gain access by breaking windows or using mechanical force. Glass break detection and vibration sensors will be useful in such a scenario. Additionally, motion detectors are useful inside and outside your house in case the intruder does gain access.

Wireless Video Monitoring

Surveillance is a useful tool for a home security system because it will provide video imaging of activities in your home. In the past, the video data obtained by the security cameras could only be accessed on-site or from storage. This can be inconvenient if an incident occurs when you are away from your house. Therefore, you should consider a system which incorporates wireless video monitoring via broadband. Basically, this product will allow you to view live feeds from your home from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The feature is also useful if you would like to periodically check on your children and workers.

Alerting Options

There are different alerting devices which are incorporated into burglar alarms. These will provide notification that a sensor has been triggered by unauthorised activity. The most common options are sirens, loud bells and flashing alarm lights. These will notify you and your neighbours of the situation, and they can serve to scare the burglars. You should also think about getting a burglar system which will send you a notification to your phone or to a security company for immediate intervention.