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Public Places Where Drug Detection Dogs Are Useful

by Thea Lee

Anytime you are leaving or entering the country, you might have seen drug detection dogs at the airport. These animals are the front line of defence that Australia has against drugs. Given that airports are the main transit route for most drugs, they are the best spot to apprehend anyone breaking the law. However, the drug menace does not exist only at the airport. Participants of this illegal activity often blend into the public, which makes it very hard for them to be detected. As such, there are additional important places around the country where drug detection dogs are needed:

Learning institutions

You might associate learning institutions such as high schools and colleges with innocence. While a large number of learners follow the law, there are criminal elements who take advantage of the limited security in such areas. These institutions can then be used to store the drugs, or they can be sold to learners. To avoid such incidences, it should be mandatory for all institutions to have drug detection dogs. The future of students should not be compromised because of drugs.

Public parks

Every day, there are hundreds of people who access public parks such as the Prince Alfred Park. While many of these individuals just want to relax and enjoy the recreational facilities, some of them have ill intentions. Such places can act as ideal points to pick up or drop drugs. Based on this, drug detection dogs should patrol the grounds on a regular basis to detect any drug-related activity.

Transit points

Thousands of people use public transport systems daily in Australia, especially the metro system. The high number of people provides drug peddlers with the perfect camouflage to move their drugs across the country. You might have sat next to a drug peddler while using the metro system and failed to detect what they were doing. One strategy to handle the problem involves stationing police handlers with drug detection dogs at the key transit points in major towns such as Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle and Perth. Any person who attempts to board any train or bus can be swiftly detected by the dogs and arrested.

Both drug users and peddlers can easily turn violent to avoid being captured. This increases the level of insecurity when they are in society. As such, various authorities should use available resources, including trained dogs, to disrupt the flow of drugs throughout the country.