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Interior Security Systems: What Can You Monitor in Your Home?

by Thea Lee

When most people think about residential security systems, the first things that come to mind are surveillance systems, floodlights, motion detectors, and alarms for use in the outdoor area. However, your home's exterior is not the only place that requires regular monitoring with security systems. You need to install security systems in some rooms in your house as well. Doing so can help beef up security, reduce hazards, and restrict access to specific areas. This article will address some of the ways you can monitor parts of your home through the use of security systems.

Add motion detectors in restricted areas

Not every room in your house is open to the occupants or guests. Children should not access areas such as the liquor cabinets and medicine cabinets. Also, the place that you store cash should only be accessed by the authorised individuals. The same applies to the safe where you store your guns and high-valued jewellery or valuables. Installing a motion detector in such a room can alert you when someone accesses any of these rooms. This can deter family members or guests from snooping around, and it will also prevent burglars from breaking into your safes.

Install surveillance cameras in common areas

Do you have little kids that you leave with a nanny during the day or night? Are you doubtful about how the nanny treats the children when you are away? If so, installing surveillance cameras in common rooms such as the living room and kids' play area can give you the much-needed peace of mind. You can connect the cameras to your smartphone and monitor activity when you are at work or away from the house. If you note something fishy, you can quickly come home or alert someone to check on your kids. This can help you monitor how well your kids are taken care of and ensure their safety when you are away.

Monitor the safety of the home

Security systems are not just for increasing the security in your house – they can also be used to monitor safety.  For example, if you installed sensors on the garage door, patio door, or front door, you can be able to notice when it's opened and closed. If the door is left open, the sensors will sound a warning. This can help improve safety in your home, especially if you have forgetful household members who leave doors open even during the night. With the sensors, you stay informed of potentially unsafe situations and take control of them before they result in a burglary.

When choosing security systems, don't limit yourself to the exterior space. Follow these tips to secure and monitor interior parts of the home and maximise safety.