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Crucial Benefits of 4K CCTV Security Cameras

by Thea Lee

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology has come a long way, and business owners have been some of the biggest beneficiaries as far as security is concerned. Today, business owners have access to 4K CCTV security cameras, an upgrade to HD versions. Although it might be tempting to stick with your current setup, you should think about upgrading to a 4K CCTV system. However, there are debates on whether CCTV systems with 4K cameras are a worthy investment for the average store owner. Here are reasons investing in 4K CCTV cameras is worth every penny you spend.


Any decent CCTV camera can observe and record activities within and without a commercial facility. However, some fall short when it comes to pulling details off footage for evidence purposes. In most cases, you might need to zoom an image to identify essential details, such as vehicle registration plates or writings. Still, you cannot get that level of zoom quality with ordinary cameras. 4K CCTV cameras are more than observational devices; they are evidentiary units that provide exceptional video details that authorities can use in investigations. It means that you can zoom an image without losing image quality, enabling you to see the bigger picture.


Cost often seems to be the number one reason business owners are slow to upgrade their current surveillance setup with newer versions. It is the same with 4K CCTV systems, but it is only a myopic perspective. Notably, older versions of CCTV systems require several cameras, cabling work, configurations, and VMS (Video Management System) licences, which add to the overall cost of setup. However, since 4K cameras achieve greater site coverage (wider field of view), they offer significant cost savings benefits in the end. The reason is that you need fewer cameras, cabling, or recording channels to upgrade to a 4K CCTV system.

Video Management System (VMS) Compatibility

Most business owners think upgrading to a 4K CCTV system means overhauling their entire video management system. The reason is that video footage recorded by 4K CCTV systems is usually quite large and can strain storage space and bandwidth. However, upgrading a surveillance system with 4K cameras does not necessarily mean you should overhaul an entire system. The reason is that most VMSs are compatible with 4K CCTV systems, thanks to a special codec that can compress large video files. As a result, it helps reduce the amount of strain on storage and bandwidth requirements.

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