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Two lesser-known advantages of opting for a home security system with a silent monitored alarm

by Thea Lee

Here are a few lesser-known perks that come with having a home security system with a silent monitored alarm.

The homeowner doesn't have to worry about their home security system bothering their neighbours

One of the less well-known perks of a silent monitored home security system is that the homeowner doesn't need to worry about it bothering their neighbours. This is important, as it's very common for homeowners to accidentally trigger their alarms due to, for example, not turning them off quickly enough when entering their homes, forgetting their alarm code or due to their pets setting their systems off.

If this happens regularly in a property where the home security system features an audible alarm, it could begin to bother the residents or business owners who occupy the nearby properties and might even result in them making noise complaints. This then could lead to tension between the homeowner and their neighbours. If however, the alarm is silent, the homeowner needn't ever worry about this essential security feature leading to issues with their neighbours and they can still rest easy, knowing that because the silent alarm is monitored, the security centre will receive a notification if the alarm remains triggered for too long and will take the steps they need to.

The homeowner's neighbours won't need to be involved in any incidents where the alarm is triggered

When a person has an unmonitored audible alarm, and it gets triggered due to a break-in that is happening when they're not on the property, their neighbours will usually be the ones who will have to call the authorities. Whilst this arrangement can work perfectly well in situations where the homeowner with this system is friendly with their neighbours and knows that these neighbours are happy to take on this responsibility, there are many other circumstances in which a silent monitored alarm is a more appropriate option.

For example, in situations where a homeowner doesn't know their neighbours very well, doesn't feel that they can rely on them to contact the authorities if they hear the alarm or if they just don't feel comfortable burdening them with the responsibility of taking action if they hear their home alarm sounding, a silent monitored alarm can be invaluable. This will mean that their neighbours won't hear the alarm and so won't be put in a position where they feel compelled to call the authorities and get involved in resolving a potential-break in, but will still ensure that the authorities, as well as the homeowner, are alerted if the alarm gets triggered.

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